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Rabu, 06 Agustus 2014

Graduation Day

Gift, Flower, and Doll from Graduation

My new step is just beggin. 3 years and 8 month struggling until i got the bachelor tittle.
Sebelas Maret University
Economic Business Faculty
Accounting Major
Cumlaude Predicate
This is dedicated to my Mom, Dad, and My life
To my dream that always fighting inside my mind want to come out, now you're free
You can choose your way depending on yours
Let me flew away crossing the world
My eyes is always starving of looking for new things
My foot is always fatigue of stucking in one place, want to move
My voice can't waiting to scream to express my amazed of your creation, My Lord
My hand is so missing to touch the pure of universe
My nose can't waiting to smell various taste of wind blows
Want to explore more and more before that one day i'll stay with my rest dream, heavenly

Graduation day? what is that for
Only celebrated for one day, and after that what?
We'll beggin to walk alone
Decided our destiny or destiny will make decision
That's why i'm not very interested to join this graduation, how about you?
Only because it's duty to officially get graduation certificate, so i join, otherwise, maybe im not.
Flower, Gift, Hug, Congrats, Picture, Shake hand, and Pride
Of course that's all the complement of this ceremony
So i think, who will give me that all beauty things? because i never guess how meant myself to other people, never predict, maybe one two three flower is good enough, i don't want expect too much.

-14 June 2014-
Hei today is D-Day, my graduation day
Start from my dormitory by taxi, I'm with my best friend Destia go to beautyshop to get make over and all things.
My family meet me after that, and we'r dropped at University Auditorium.
Ceremony is running solemn
University Rector Pinning my graduation sign, it's perfectly
I'm graduation already, My glory is final now
Then we walk out to Auditorium Hall where all people waiting for us, looking for us.
Surprisingly many people waiting for me, many of my friends, best friends, junior, senior, acquaintance, relatives, and so on...
they give flower, gift, hug, and i feel so wonderfull
this is more and moree than i guess i got dozens of flowers and gifts
Thank you for all my friends, big hug for you, you're so meant to me guyss 


Bestfriend from Accounting Class
Night before graduation day

With lovely parent
With teaching friends @SoloMengajar #TOP
With collague at my previous work @ICDFEBUNS
Srikandi of my dormitory friends @WidoroAsri1


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