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Senin, 10 Februari 2014

You’re My Addiction

I promised to myself, not easily caught to everyone circle.
And that day you came, firstly it was nothing.
But that was about count a day, count every word you said.
It’s so easy in the case wanna give up, but you.
And our day start, let it flow like it was so miracle.
A friend like you, a good listener like you, a story teller like you.
You’re not an equal, a different side.
Not realize what really gonna happen, and that just happened.
The feeling without asking opened its lock, excused you to enter.
Until then, you’re gonna be my addiction.
Unpredictable day, share about life, never expect the end.
I never be so stupid, thinking without logic and realistic.
Compare my fault and try to paid off the past.
Do whatever i want, following the voice of heart.
What should i do, tell me brightly please i beg you.
Is that only this suck stumbling block between us, can we move it?
Otherwise, can just God hear our pray for every step was made.
Or should i pray to erase your shadow for every second i dream about.
Oh really not easy, too late to stand when already enjoy this painful stuck.
Everything looks a mirages but the real one to me, there’s no different.
I’m the part of dream, and you’re the best background i ever had.
I never have you, and so do you, physically, but feeling.
Let the wind blow like the sweetness sand of time.
The memory like you, memory like us, maybe not in this word.
And hoping there s another part of life dimension, where i can see you.
My addiction.


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