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Minggu, 24 Maret 2013

Happy Little Fam

Mom, Dad...., you got me when i fall. No matter what, you gave all support and solution when i'm stucked. As you said, your happiness just through to my smile, that's why you did everything.
Sometimes feeling couldn't explain, even child-parent silver line always connected, but you treated me more than perfect.

Home just like paradise when i hear your voice, see your figure. Home provide happy everlasting atmosphere when we gathered.

Of course there're many obtacles, that time our feeling almost separate, home is like hell. But i promise Mom, Dad, someday not far from now on...i'll be success and i'll be solution through this our family problem that still unsolve.

But i'm Glad, no matter what we did, what condition did to us, we still together, love each other and always be perfect parent to me. keep our Happy Little Familly everlasting.

Love you Mommy, Daddy.

My Happy Little Fam

And this song is dedicated both to you all. Thanks to recognize me guitar, teach me well, patiently, Daddy and for your amusing support, Mommy.



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