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Sabtu, 28 April 2012

Greatest Achievement

 (Due to filled Astra Scholarship Form)

I like writing so much, start with blogging “share my own experience”, writing an article, fictive story and so on.  After i started education as a college student, there’s so many chance for me to compete, i joined many UKM (Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa) and i found new friends, new experience and many information of competition. I tried to register essay competition and i got a second place winner at two time, i tried to write a funny story to Solopos newspaper and it’s published !!
                  That’s all make me so much motivated and obsessed about anything related with writing. And my greatest experience is not about trophy or money, but when Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan Akuntansi (HMJA FE UNS) entrusted me became a coordinator of LKTI Nasional ACTIVE 2011, that’s a great position to me but also hard duty because since LKTI was held first time in 2008 till 2010, it was unsuccesfull. The lack of publication became a major factor, beside that, the topic of LKTI was too specific just for accounting student. As a coordinator i have a responbility to make a sense about the result can be succesfull, so i started create an interesting topic / theme with a team, i planned the outline of LKTI progress and anything about detailed. The most important think that i consider here is, the publication must be earlier started. I found many obtacles became a coordinator because (1) i’m not experienced enough lead such as national competition (2) it’s a same with start the new program (new proposal, new program, new strategy, etc) because i change the scope of LKTI not only for Accounting student but also all college student in Indonesia (3) not enough team personal.
I found myself almost deppresed but i realize that it just prosses for my better future so i “stand up”, “i never give up” i said. And finally it was true!!  The total participant of  LKTI team reach the number of 53 !!. That was amazing and out of my target. I got many of congratulation, i’m glad my hard work paid off.


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